From our family small-holding, in the heart of the Kentish countryside, we both practice and actively encourage the responsible care for, and breeding of, chickens.

As devoted hobbyists, we are often saddened to see the conditions in which some chickens can be bred, raised and kept. Finally, in 2013, after visiting a particularly horrific poultry farm, we decided to rear chickens as they should be reared: with their health and happiness the top priority!

The welfare of our flock is of the utmost importance. Our chickens are, therefore, always:

– Bred from healthy, entirely un-related parent-stock
– Raised in spacious, fully predator proof enclosures
– Housed in spacious, suitable plastic coops
– Fed quality, appropriate feeds and the odd, delicious, treat!
– Kept within a closed-flock

It is also incredibly important to us that we offer unlimited advice and support to anyone, and everyone, with an interest in keeping hens. We even run short, informative courses designed to educate and fully prepare the first-time hen-keeper.

We also promote the survival of Rare British Breeds and we are very proud to breed both the Cream Crested Legbar and the, particularly vulnerable, Ixworth.

Although we are a small business, we very are careful to follow all legislation regarding the raising and disposal of our livestock.

For more information please contact Sally on 07798652178 or at
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