Our Story

Chickens are fun, quirky creatures and I have always been fascinated by them.  When the time finally came to buy my own flock I was often saddened, and sometimes sickened, by the conditions in which they were hatched and raised.  After visiting one particularly poultry farm I decided to breed and raise chickens how they should be raised: with welfare being of the utmost importance!

All of my chickens are, therefore, housed in homemade, spacious and fully predator-proof coops and enclosures. They enjoy quality feed, health supplements and suitable treats!  I provide them with ‘toys’ which both allow and encourage them to behave naturally; to scratch and forage.

My flock is closed and I practice strict bio-security, for the essential protection of both my flock and for those who visit us.  All visitors must go through disinfectant footbaths and are not permitted access to either the chickens or to the land on which my chickens are bred and raised.  Instead, courses and collections are arranged at secure plot nearby.

For more information please contact Sally on 07798652178 or at HappyGardenHens@outlook.com

POL hens now available!